Michelle Harmon

Aura colors

Hey OM Family, Of all the planets that exist in the Heavens, Saturn has to be one of the most beautiful. Her famous rings have inspired awe and wonder for millennia. Did you know that we have our own energy field “rings,” just like Saturn? Although ours are more vivid and brilliant, if we are …

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Abolish Self-Hate

Hey OM Family, In this fifth step of OM blog series, we will dive into how abolishing falsehoods of self-hate, shame, and self-defeat through energy clearing helps you find your way towards peace, prosperity, and greater fulfillment. When you were a child, you were literally a blank slate when it came to things you believed …

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Take a big deep breath, because 2020 is almost over!

Hey OM Family, November was pretty intense, and December is bringing some interesting changes as well. You may have felt the urge to relax your verbal “filter” around December 1 thanks to moody Mercury entering exuberant and bluntly honest Sagittarius. Hopefully, if you did “come clean” with someone, you got your point across without losing …

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