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Keep that “Just Cleared” Feeling…
with “OM”: Ongoing Maintenance Energy Field Clearing

How would you like me to help you gain, and keep… ongoing feelings of empowerment and serenity?

It is possible! But first, read on to see why this service is so crucial, and how I can help you sustain your results over time… to help give you the sense of peace, happiness and purpose you deserve…

How Our Energy Fields Work

Our energy is an amazing electromagnetic field that radiates light, called our aura. Like heavenly music, it vibrates and has its own unique resonant frequencies. All people, animals and plants have their own frequency. 

Our energy fields have seven main energy centers, known as our chakras. These points consist of spinning energy that connect to some of our major organs and glands. They also house emotional and spiritual energies. How we navigate the world is largely dependent on how well our energy centers are working. 

Our Spiritual Selves Need TLC Too

We care for our bodies with a healthy diet, exercise, and restful sleep. However, as multidimensional beings, we also need to tend to our spiritual and energetic/vibrational health as well. 

To keep all aspects of Self in alignment, we need proper and frequent maintenance of our spiritual energy. This is especially true if you are sensitive or empathic – as negative, parasitic, or dormant spiritual energies can affect your physical health as well as your emotional and mental health. 

By clearing your energy fields regularly with my help, you may find yourself feeling lighter, more hopeful, and have greater clarity regarding issues that may have been creating mental fog and chaos. Some physical ailments may resolve on their own without explanation from a medical perspective. Obstacles once perceived as insurmountable mountains may dissolve into hills of dust, swept away with the power of loving vibrational intention. 

The good news? You can have me perform these much-needed energy clearings affordably and without the need for a scheduled session!

Three Levels of OM: Monthly, Weekly or Daily Clearings

Awakening: Monthly OM Energy Clearing
($27 a month)

Awakening is a budget-friendly way to “keep the good vibes” going and to fine tune your energy fields for optimal feelings of peace and calm.

Every month I will perform an energy clearing on your land, home, person, family members and animals as if you were sitting in front of me. I will not be able to reach out to you individually on what I saw or cleared, but you should feel a positive difference mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or physically. 

And when you sign up for Awakening Monthly OM Energy Clearing, you’ll receive a very special gift from me: an Essence of Heaven OM Smudge Stick!

OM Smudge Stick

Handmade with love, this one-of-a-kind clearing tool resembles a beautiful bridal bouquet of wildflowers. It features sacred Blue Sage, Statice, Rose, and Purple Yarrow. These flowers and herbs have been picked for their combined attributes of attracting abundance, prosperity, unconditional love, heart health, and Divine Wisdom.

Ascension: Weekly OM Energy Clearing ($88 a month)

Ascension literally takes your spiritual harmony and sacred balance to the next level.

I will perform the same energy clearing and healing rituals I do for Awakening, just on a weekly basis instead of monthly. It’s a wonderful way to maintain a steady feeling of uninterrupted peace and a sense of wellbeing, no matter what is happening around you.

When you subscribe to Ascension Weekly OM Energy Clearing, you’ll receive even more wonderful gifts, to truly create that “sacred space” of peace, love, and harmony – so your environment matches the “zen” energy within you. With this package, you receive an Essence of Heaven OM Smudge Stick, an uplifting Palo Santo stick, and a serenity-loving Selenite Crystal.

Calibration: Daily OM Energy Clearing ($250 a month)

To maintain your highest level of “spiritual hygiene”… and feelings of divine calm, peace and joy all year long, you can also receive daily energy clearings. Like fine-tuning an already exceptional musical instrument, Calibration will help raise your aura’s vibration to the highest levels and even give you a sense of euphoric lightness – like you can do anything! 

Negative energies, thoughtforms, and parasitic entities of all types will be cleared and a protective, loving bubble of spiritual protection will surround you. Daily clearings are for those who wish to accelerate their growth by removing any unseen hindrances, to be in full alignment with their Divine purpose. 

When you subscribe to Calibration Daily OM Energy Clearing, you’ll receive an entire collection of OM essentials including an exquisite hand-carved wooden box, an “Essence of Heaven” OM Smudge Stick, an uplifting Palo Santo stick, a serenity-loving Selenite Crystal, a sacred-space-creating Essence of OM Energy Clearing Spray, and a very special birthday gift – hand chosen Chakra stones wrapped in a luxurious, black velvet bag.


Some people feel a warming sensation throughout their bodies, chills, a euphoric feeling, lightness

 A lightness, a weights been lifted, clarity, renewed sense of peace, calmness, nervousness and anxiety removed, a release

Depending on how much energy was cleared for you, you may feel tired or a little emotional. This is all normal and part of the process of the energy clearing from your space

Make sure and drink a lot of water the day of the clearing. Also, get fresh air and do general self -care. It can sometimes take a bit for the energy to release and calibrate fully

No, you can go about your day as usual

You can also meditate during the time Michelle does that clearing. Either as just as beneficial

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